Revised State Team Requirements Effective Beginning 2017-2018 Season

The Georgia State Trap Team is composed of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 individuals. The 10 individuals that meet minimum target requirements and are ranked in the Top Ten for composite average shooters (average of the singles, handicap and doubles averages) will comprise the team in slots 1 through 10. If any of the categories (Sub Junior, Junior, Lady, Veteran, and Senior Veteran) are not represented in the top 10, the top composite average representative from that unrepresented category will be added to the team in slots 11 through potentially 15.  If a category is devoid of shooters that meet the minimum target requirement, that category will not be represented on the state team.

In order to qualify for the State Team all shooters, regardless of category, must shoot 1500 singles, 1500 handicap and 1000 doubles registered targets.  Of those targets, 500 singles, 500 handicap and 400 doubles must be registered inside the state of Georgia.  Most Improved and Rookie of the Year awards would require the same minimums.

This change was implemented in order to:

1.      Eliminate the potential for some of our highest average shooters being excluded from the State Team. The prior method made it possible for the second rated shooter in the state to be excluded.

2.      Increase the number of shooters that are eligible for the State Team. Only 19 shooters were eligible for the State Team last season. Under the new method, 26 shooters would have been eligible.

3.      Decrease the burden placed on Georgia shooters that live long distances from all Georgia registered shoot sites.



  Current Target Year - September 1- August 31

CategorySingles HandicapDoubles
Men 15001500


Ladies15001500 1000
Veterans/Sr. Veterans1500 15001000
Sub Junior150015001000
Junior15001500 1000

Special Awards

Most Improved1500 1500  1000  
Rookie of the Year150015001000